Centura Pearl Product Range

Centura Pearl is a pearlescent coated paper and card. Available in 28 beautiful effects, it is acid-free and contains no metallic pigments. As a result, it does not tarnish or fingerprint when handled and is suitable for all forms of printing.

Centura Pearl is the ideal choice for:

  • Retail Packaging to catch the eye
  • Beautiful Art & Craft concepts
  • School & college art projects
  • Envelopes & Gift Wrap
  • Personal stationery

Without asking you to commit to huge volumes, we can also supply Centura Pearl in the following:

  • Special colour match
  • Special sizes & substrates
  • Embossed (over 80 emboss patterns available)

Centura Pearl Paper and Card are FSC certified.

There is no metal content in any of the Centura Pearl coatings, so the product is environmentally friendly. 

Centura Pearl can be printed offset (using hard-set inks), screen, laser and ink jet, provided care is taken when drying. It is also suitable for foil blocking.

Stock Details

One side - Available in all 28 colours

Paper 510x700mm 90gsm Packed 250’s
Card 510x635mm 310gsm Packed 25’s and BPOP 

Self Adhesive Paper - Available in 12 colours

A4 Packed 50’s
700x1000mm BPOP

Envelopes - Available in 12 colours

C6 Boxed 1000’s 
155mm square Boxed 1000’s 
DL (available in selected colours only) Boxed 1000’s 

2 Sided - Available in 12 colours

Paper 640x900mm 95gsm Packed 250’s
Card 640x900mm 260gsm Packed 100’s


Other colours, sizes and weights are available – Please ask for details