CenturaTexture by Slater Harrison is a diverse and wonderfully tactile suite of textures.  They can be applied to any of our extensive product range, or alternatively to a stock of your choice.

CenturaTexture is perfect for adding dynamic embossing effects to creative luxury packaging, greetings cards, envelopes, gift-wrap, stationery, POS, fine art purposes and so much more…

CenturaTexture comes with 50 patterns to choose from. Patterns include Fine Linen, Buckram, Animal patterns, Christmas patterns and many more.

  • 10 Textures can be embossed up to 1050mm wide
  • 40 Textures can be embossed up to 800mm wide


  • Greeting cards
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Gift-wrap
  • Crafting
  • POS materials
  • Fine art

We also offer a contract embossing service.