Conservation White Core

100% Conservation quality, these products, when used in conjunction with conservation barrier board allows you to provide a total conservation framing service. A collection of ten colours are also available as Jumbo size boards. Also featured is a range of 2000 micron thickness (2mm) and 3000 micron (3mm) boards.

What are the main features of Conservation White Core?

  • 54 colours available
  • Will not discolour with age and is bleed resistant
  • Pure White bevel that stays white
  • Alkaline pH: buffered with Calcium Carbonate to a pH of 7.5 to 9.5
  • 1400 micron thickness (1.4mm) size: 815mm x 1200mm packed in 10’s
  • Eight colours manufactured as 2000 micron thickness (2mm)
  • Three colours manufactured as 3000 micron thickness (3mm)
  • Nine colours manufactured as Jumbo boards – size: 1020mm x 1525mm (J)
  • 1400 micron thickness ( 1.4mm), packed in 5’s
  • Four colours are also available as 2000 Micron Jumbo size (J2mm)

Fine Art Trade Guild Specifications

  • Fine Art Trade Guild Mountboard Standard : Conservation
  • Fine Art Trade Guild Framing Level : Conservation

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