Conservation White Core

100% Conservation quality, these products, when used in conjunction with conservation barrier board allows you to provide a total conservation framing service. A collection of ten colours are also available as Jumbo size boards. Also featured is a range of 2000 micron thickness (2mm) and 3000 micron (3mm) boards.

What are the main features of Conservation White Core?

  • 54 colours available
  • Will not discolour with age and is bleed resistant
  • Pure White bevel that stays white
  • Alkaline pH: buffered with Calcium Carbonate to a pH of 7.5 to 9.5
  • 1400 micron thickness (1.4mm) size: 815mm x 1200mm packed in 10’s
  • Eight colours manufactured as 2000 micron thickness (2mm)
  • Three colours manufactured as 3000 micron thickness (3mm)
  • Nine colours manufactured as Jumbo boards – size: 1020mm x 1525mm (J)
  • 1400 micron thickness (1.4mm), packed in 5’s
  • Four colours are also available as 2000 Micron Jumbo size (J2mm)

Fine Art Trade Guild Specifications

  • Fine Art Trade Guild Mountboard Standard : Level 2 (Previously known as Conservation)
  • Fine Art Trade Guild Framing Level : Covers Level 2 (Previously known as Conservation), Level 3 (Previously known as Commended) & Level 4 (Previously known as Minimum)

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Colour Ranges

JManufactured as jumbo boards (1020mm x 1525mm).
2mmManufactured as 2000 micron thickness.
3mmManufactured as 3000 micron thickness.
J2mmManufactured as 2000 micron on jumbo sized boards.

Colours are for guidance purposes only, colour may appear differently depending on individual user’s settings.
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