Museum Boards

Museum board is a premium product manufactured from non acid 100% cotton fibre. It is lignen free and is 100% Conservation standard.

What are the main features of Museum Boards?

  • Available in four colourways
  • When bevelled the colour remains consistent throughout
  • Micron Thickness 1500 (1.5mm) size: 815mm x 1020mm packed in 10’s
  • Barrier board packed in 25’s

When do I use Museum Boards?

  • To frame original artwork, fine prints and precious documents- used by museums and the discerning framer

Fine Art Trade Guild Specifications

  • FATG guild Standard : Museum
  • FATG framing level : Museum

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Museum Range:

  • 100% Cotton Conservation
  • Micron Thickness: 1500
  • Size: 815 x 1020mm packed in 10’s

Museum Barrier Range:

  • 100% Cotton Convservation
  • Micron thickness: 750 micron
  • Size: 815 x 1020mm packed in 25’s