Standard Cream Core

96 colours available with cream core. A collection of sixteen colours are also available as Jumbo size boards.

What are the main features of the Standard Cream Core?

  • Soft, easy to bevel cream core
  • Very cost effective for all non conservation framing requirements
  • Neutral pH specification
  • 1250 micron thickness (1.25mm)
  • Board size 815 x 1125mm packed in 10’s
  • Sixteen colours also manufactured as Jumbo boards
  • Jumbo board size: 1020mm x 1525mm, 1250 micron thickness (1.25mm) packed in 5’s
  • Ten colours manufactured as 2000 micron thickness (2mm)

When do I use Standard Cream Core?

  • For cost effective framing when conservation quality properties are not required

Fine Art Trade Guild Specifications

  • Fine Art Trade Guild Mountboard Standard : Level 4 (Previously known as Standard)
  • Fine Art Trade Guild Framing Level : Covers Level 4 (Previously known as Minimum)

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Colour Tiles

JManufactured as jumbo boards (1020mm x 1525mm).
2mmManufactured as 2000 micron thickness.
3mmManufactured as 3000 micron thickness.
J2mmManufactured as 2000 micron on jumbo sized boards.