Michael Brauders retires after 54 years in the trade…

Today we bid Michael Brauders a fond farewell as he retires from Slater Harrison. Michael has been with us for 17 years, joining when we acquired the embossing patterns from E. Becker Ltd. Two embossers and several thousand tonnes later the embossing side of the business is very different now to how it was in July 2003 when he arrived.

To say embossing is in Michael’s blood is an understatement. After arriving from Ireland aged 17 settled employment was tough to find until a year later an opportunity arose at HC Makin. That was 54 years ago and Michael has been embossing ever since. His skills always in demand!

Training and developing the next generation has been a key feature of the past two years, and having passed on some of the “Dark Art” of embossing, Michael’s endeavours and efforts will be evident here for years to come.

We wish Michael a lengthy and happy retirement and are extremely grateful for his input over the past 17 years.

James Braddock, Managing Director